In the beginning…

Word.  There it was- data, sounds, forms, meaning.  A first cause speaking into nothing and creating something.  Whether you buy that there is objective truth and that meaning lies with the one who gives it meaning (as opposed to the hearer giving it whatever meaning they want), there is something COOL about writing, speaking, hearing, reasoning, and – this is key- responding.

I loved sitting in my college classes and interacting with the text, the professor, and the class.  I would take the experience away and process it as I would re-read the books and collateral material and think ahead to the subjective essay, formulating my response in the entire process.

In my dreams, I’m the professor, not teaching “what” but challenging my students with the “why” and “how”.  It isn’t enough for me to simply speak into a void.  What value does learning have if it isn’t useful?  What are the odds I would end up on Jeopardy with my vast knowledge of useless information?  And what I think is valuable might not be for you.

Nonetheless, here is my classroom. I will speak using the written word.  I will ask a lot of questions and propose a few answers (which will undoubtedly lead to more questions!).  I will speak of knowledge that is useful for everyday life.  Religion and politics are not off limits because they are a part of life and dig to the root of our beliefs.  And what you think and feel come out in what you say and do.

So respond.  Read and listen, think and understand, question and process, and tell me when you think I’m wrong.

I can’t wait.  WORD!


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