The same was in the beginning with God

Back to the beginning…  It all does go back there doesn’t it?  Every aspect of life can retrace its steps back to the beginning.  When it comes to The Word, He was in the beginning.  The same way, the same time, the same place- The Word was present in every way as much as God was.  Meaning is derived from our origins.

The Word was the uncaused Cause, but if we want to wrap our minds around the identity and nature of The Word, we have to start at the beginning.  In much the same way, if we want to wrap our minds around who we are individually, we have to retrace our steps back to the beginning.

Where am I from?

Whose am I?

What stuff am I made of?

Unlike me, His essence is substantially the same as God.  My essence is derived from the one who brought me forth; I’m a lot like the block I was chipped from, but I’m uniquely me.  The Word is more like God ever since the beginning than I will ever be like my dad or mom. To have existed in the beginning with God is John’s declaration the the Word was not only with God-  HE WAS (AND IS) GOD!  John pulled out the megaphone to clarify and resoundingly so, affirm that Jesus was God in the beginning before Creation took place.  No one else was there- just God and the embodiment of God: the Word.

Since the birth of time, the One who brings into being, the One who gives meaning, the One who created the spaces and places, the One who owns, the One who fashions-  He is.  He needed no Creator because He is the Creator.  To be with God in the beginning is John’s final definitive statement that The Word was God.  My own meaning and essence find their origin in my Creator.

The beginning is the starting line of all that follows.  The human relay race does not go back infinitely; it finds its beginning in The Word.  So too must I.

My beginning is found in the history of The Word, so I will explore a lifetime of meaning in the now by digging deep into the genesis of all life then with the great I Am to tie it all together.  Come and explore the Word with me!  He was in my beginning and in yours.  Find yourself in the Word…..


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