Emphasis and Difference: Without Him was Nothing Made That was Made

Do you remember double negatives?  I was pretty bad when I was a five year old: “I ain’t never gonna lie again!”  Despite the grammar correction, Mom probably took it in its most truthful sense.  And my teacher persistently reminded me that 2 negatives make a positive.  Thanks, Mrs. Mickelboro!

It feels awkward every time I hear myself quoting the words, “And without Him was not anything made that was made.”  The obvious reason John states His case for the deity of Christ- the fact that the man Jesus was indeed GOD Himself- was for emphasis!  He could have just said, “And WITH Him everything was made that was made.”  But, does that make the same impression?  The cadence and structure make the first way more memorable because of the double negative.

George MacDonald adds to the meaning with further insight:


His take leads to a distinction that John makes between this line and the one that follows.  It’s the difference between “through” and “in”.  Through Jesus, the Son was acting as an agent for the Father in Creation; in Jesus the Son acted in a way that brought life in redemption.

Through Jesus absolutely nothing could have been created, because He was the only authorized and able One to bring things into being from nothing.  Who else but God can do that?  Through Jesus, Everything was made!  He was and is not just our Creator, but the Creator of all things:Every life, every stone, every sparrow, every hair.  Try to make a list of things He did not make.  You will either not waste a second trying, or you’ll spend a lifetime trying to come up with 1 thing to start the list.

Let there be no doubt, without our Creator, nothing could have been made that has been made!  As my Creator, He owns me and He owns every day of me. Let that lift you through whatever today holds and challenge you to be who He created you to be!


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