In Him was Life

And now we come to a core principle started “in the beginning” and borne out throughout the course of Scripture.  Even as a little child, I was amazed that there was nothing-  then, something-  all because of Words spoken.  The Word was in the beginning and commanded it all into existence.

Words have meanings.  We have dictionaries and encyclopedias filled with words that need to have their meanings explained, and thesauruses that give us lists of synonyms.  It galls me when obviously educated adults twist word meanings, as if they can re-define them.  The meaning of “is”- really!?  Such nonsense gives weight to the idea that meaning comes from the recipient, rather than the giver.

The Word Himself gives meaning to existence, to communications, to our universe, then the collective academic minds gather to critique it all, and want to substantially re-define The Word, the words He spoke, the resulting Creation, the science and the art of what He made, and the crowning glory of it all-  man in the image of God.  The one He made for sharing meaning, for conversation, for revelation and discovery becomes the one who decides what it all means to him?

I don’t think God gave us the right to do that.  His plan was for Himself and Adam to speak and share understanding, and God was the one who defined the terms.  He set the limits.  He gave the commands.  He supplied the warnings and the parameters.  Adam did not get to choose; he simply heard and understood.

In our fallen world, language and meaning has taken a fall- a steep fall with an abrupt stop.  Nonetheless, God did not abandon His plan.  Rather, He continues to carry it out every day.  His Word goes forth, and BANG -a new creation!  The Word that became flesh and blood comes alive in the one who willingly accepts the terms of His Covenant.  The fall of language and meaning is redeemed by the One who speaks, writes, listens and shares in understanding where we are coming from.

And He meets us with wonderful words of life- Nobody does it better!


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