More to Life Than SNL, Coffee or Poker

2222 zōḗlife (physical and spiritual). All life (2222 /zōḗ), throughout the universe, is derived – i.e. it always (only) comes from and is sustained by God’s self-existent life. The Lord intimately shares His gift of life with people, creating each in His image which gives all the capacity to know His eternal life.  HELPS Word-studies

Life- it’s a loaded word with all sorts of different meanings given to it.  Music has life, art has life, food has life, the newsstand has Life Magazine, and LIFE has been immortalized by Mikey.  And, hey, if Mikey likes LIFE, shouldn’t we all?  The fact is, people have existed since the Logos- the Word- was spoken in the dark of non-existence.  Only the Word was able to speak and bring forth something out of nothing.  Abiogenesis requires a faith I can’t muster.

But isn’t evolution more credible as you watch or even experience the plodding routines that have been encapsulated in our “rat race?”  Life?  You call this life?  The 24/7 grind?  Is that life?  The slave for 5 days so we can live for 2?  That’s life?  The year-in year-out meaninglessness that becomes a farce as if we are living “Home for The Holidays”, or worse, “Groundhog Day?”  Is this what we refer to as life?

When we see that life WAS (and IS) in Him, I think our writer John had a much different picture in mind.  As his plot unfolds, we see The Word inhabiting our world and really living.  He did not just live in Himself and of Himself, He also was the life-giver.  And to top it all off, He surrendered to the taking of His life so that He could “take it up again.”  This WAS Life.  Not as we imagine it to be, or even experience, as real as it is!  Jesus was abundant, eternal life-  the source from whom all life flows.

You see Life was IN Him.  He was before all; He was before life.  The spiritual realm of His own existence predates our world’s beginning.  Life started with Jesus because He caused it to be.  He was the Person with the power to say the Word and let life begin.

If we want to Really Live, go beyond Saturday Night and Live Sunday Morning!  Saturday Night is a facade for all that life is supposed to be when the Word doesn’t matter to you.  But when the scene becomes a parody of itself, and you see through the hollowverse, meaning is camped out on your doorstep, so that when you awake on your stoop on Sunday morning, the blinding sun starts drumming, “There’s gotta be more to life than this, there’s gotta be more to life than this!”  There is, there is… with every sunrise, the day dawns with a new hope, because a new life starts when God speaks into your universe, creating a new life in you.  Jesus is life- He is the only source of spiritual and physical life.

John has ample proof, just keep reading.But he doesn’t make the case so airtight that there’s no room for faith.  Believe it, or not.  What’s the worst that happens- one bender less doesn’t mean you haven’t lived.  A wasted weekend, or a wasted life?  What would it hurt to take a break and read John’s take on Jesus, the Word, the Life?  Read it slowly, sip the boldness, inhale the aroma like a coffee connoisseur.  Consider this your wake-up call: Jesus is better than a fresh cup of coffee.  As you go deep, ask yourself- what do I lose if I put all my Saturday Night chips in?  What’s the payoff?  This isn’t for the spectators who sit and watch life unfold; this is for the whole shooting match.  You’re either all in, or your out.  Jesus will lay it on the line with His students when He tells them, “The one who loses his life will find it and the one who lays down his life will save it.”  Puzzle over that while you ponder what this means: “In Him was life.”


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